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Summer is full of long weekend get-aways and even longer week longer family holidays. I have done my fair share already this summer and they’re not over yet.

A couple weeks ago we had a family vacation and tomorrow I am traveling to Utah for my product partners annual convention.

(UPDATE: I used these tips and actuallly came home from my product partners convention weighing 2 lbs less (of course my luggage weighed 20 lbs more LOL) ! Success!!!) 

Whether for business or with the family for a holiday, traveling can be particularly challenging when it comes to eating healthy and overall wellness.

I always look forward to traveling, want be as healthy as I can and feel energized while traveling so I don’t get back home with extra pounds, bad skin and a bad attitude.

Here are the top 7 Easiest Healthy Travel Tips. Pick two or three or go with all for maximized travel.

7 Easiest Healthy Travel Tips

#1 Pack Some Healthy Travel Snacks

This is one of my big eat healthy travel tips. Nothing is worse than traveling hungry let alone, being in a hotel late at night and only having room service for food options – expensive and limited. I always make sure I have my favorite high protein snacks packed in my suitcase.
Some of my healthy travel snacks are:
  • USANA Nutrition Protein Bars. These are high in protein (11-12 grams per bar) and easy to pack in purse & carry-on’s. Great for late night, stuck in the room snack or when restaurants waitlists are a little to long and you’re starving. Choices include nuts, berry & honey and fudge, peanut and chocolate chip cookie flavors.
  • Whole carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks. Great to snack on with hummus below while getting ready for dinner or changing from your day at the pool. Easy to pack in your travel bags too.
  • Hummus. Late night hotel room snack with veggies above adds some necessary protein and healthy fats.
  • Fresh fruit. For the sweetness and for the kids, fruit fruit like grapes, apples and banana’s are easy to pack and store. Dried fruit can work well too, just watch the added sugar when purchasing.
  • Nut butter travel packs. Justin’s Almond Butter eat health travel tipsindividual serving packs are perfect to add with the fresh fruit above. They are packed with protein, healthy fats and great flavor. There are even snack packs with almond butter and pretzels now too (although much better with veggie, these can do when you are in a real pinch with the kids).
  • Raw nuts. Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are great for traveling. They keep well, but snacking on a few protein-rich nuts can even boost your mood.
  • Rice Chips. Rice chips are a great option for a gluten-free snack. They’ll add full the crunch you may desire with a snack and go well with the hummus and nut butter too.

I also always bring my favorite meal replacement shake mix and shaker bottle too. This can serve as a healthy breakfast for you in the mornings and 1/2 a serving as a great snack. Put individual servings into a plastic snack baggie or bring the whole pouch if you are going to be gone a long time. The shaker can double as a water bottle too. (I have even requested a blender for my room and make smoothies with water, greens and fruit I would get and put in mini fridge. I feel so much better with this for breakfast than hotel food for sure.)

#2: Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

One of the worst things about traveling is getting dehydrated. It can start to take you down even before you make it to your destination. Carrying a water bottle and drinking lots of water ensures that I will stay hydrated and energized throughout your vacation days. It is also the easiest to find anywhere you are traveling.

#3: Bring Your Vitamins

This really should be #1 healthy travel tip because I always pack my supplements in my bag first. I don’t want to get sick and definitely don’t want to come home sick. I will bring enough for the entire trip with 2 or 3 days worth in my carryon or purse (for those unforeseen lost bags nightmares). The supplements I take come in am/pm packets so it makes it really easy. If yours don’t, use small baggies and separate yourself at home before you go – you’ll be sure to pack enough without having to bring the whole bottle with you.
In addition to my daily multi-vitamin supplement packs, I also pack:
  • Probiotic stick packs. Taking care of the ever important gut is even more healthy travel tipsimportant on holiday and this brand of probiotic doesn’t require refrigeration.
  • Digestive Enzymes. Food can be very different from state-to-state and country-to-country. I don’t want any problems with my digestion (it can ruin trip for sure) so have my digestive aid is important. I keep it in my purse so I have it everywhere.
  • Melatonin. Sleep is usually lacking on holiday and sometimes it is even harder for kids to get to sleep. A pure, natural melatonin can make all the difference.
  • Immune System Booster. Our bodies can really be pushed to it’s health limit while traveling, even during the shortest or simplest of trips. Coming back from holiday and getting sick isn’t a good thing. Boosting your immune system while on holiday may help to avoid just that. Most popular are the stick packs that you can add to your water or take straight up. Make sure it contains zinc, echinacea, elderberry, and a good vitamin C blend to get the best immune support.

Want more specifics on easy travel supplements and boosters, just email me.

#4 Eat Out but Eat Smart

Most healthy travel tips include skipping the fast food altogether, most importantly at the airport where your vacation really starts. It won’t work out for you or your family. Crankiness, fatigue later and bad attitudes always follow fast food meals, and that doesn’t support your plans for a fun time.

Do some dining research ahead of time so you know healthier restaurants options before you arrive.  If you are doing a meal/dining plan, be sure to check it out completely to be sure you have healthy options. It may save a few dollars while on vacation but cost you more in declined health from bad eating or extra pounds that will slow you down after.

#5 Avoid the “but I’m on vacation” Mindset

Traveling for pleasure may mean indulging in a few incredible meals.” Ivanka Trump recently said when talking about her healthy travel tips, “Eating is one of the best ways to explore a new place“. It doesn’t have to mean throw your health goals out the window for every meal. Keep at least two of your three daily meals healthy, light and on track with your health goals, and save your splurges for the meal at that special restaurant you’ve planned to visit.

This also holds true for beverage consumption too. Don’t fall pray to giving kids soda and sugary drinks, you know how that will turn out. For you, don’t make the excuse to drink excessively on vacation.

#6 Don’t Forget the Fitness

Boost your fitness a week or two before your vacation. You will look great, feel great and it will help you stay on track. Move your body and get some level of fitness too during your trip. This might be walking around the city or on the beach (great for legs and butt), using the hotel gym (it’s worth the few extra bucks if you have to pay), or doing some squats, walk in place or yoga in your room.

#7 Enjoy Yourself

Don’t forget to just enjoy yourself, your time with your family or friends. Make good memories, take lots of pictures, share your experiences online and off and SMILE everyday. Vacations and long weekends are something we always want more of. We plan for months and they are over in a flash. Take it slow and savour every moment.

Was this helpful? Did it force you to think about traveling a little healthier so you make the most of your vacation happy and energized? Good!!!  Feel free to share this and I would love your comments. Here’s another post that might help you as well – 7 Tips for Eating Out Without Packing On the Pounds.

Need some motivation? Here’s one of my personal eat healthy travel tips success stories where I actually lost 2 lbs on a family holiday.

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