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3 Secrets to Living a Life You LOVE!

convention 2015 collage
Upper Left Kevin Guest, USANA CEO; Upper Right Amy Purdy; Lower Left Dr. Oz

Living a life you love! This evokes many feelings doesn’t it.

I’m freshly home from the International USANA Convention and it was an amazing 5 days! Not only was I able to connect with industry movers & shakers, health celebrities and famous athletes but I also connected with the most heart-centered and driven group of talented people from around the world.

I have been bursting with energy and feel so inspired that I don’t want to hold it back from you. There are so many things I’ve learned – from dealing with stress in our modern world (another blog post coming 🙂 ) to strategic business coaching tips for greater success (yes another blog will cover this). But my biggest are around living life HAPPY  – living a life you LOVE and that’s what I want to share with you today.

So, here my top 3 Secrets to loving your life and living it without being held back – I think you might be surprised by one or two of them.


A good relationship with a deep connection is more than something you want—it’s something you need to be your happiest, healthiest, most productive selves. Creating deep connections with people who share your passions, drive, desire to serve – aka like-minded people –  are the ones that will fulfill you most. And because you’re like-minded, your mutual desire for something greater in life will be more powerful, inspiring and satisfying.

Within the first 30 minutes of the convention kick off, the co-CEO of USANA Kevin Guest honored a dear friend and business partner/mentor of mine (he recently passed away) during his opening speech . Not only did this recognition show the level of connection the two had, when the 8,000+ like-minded attendee’s sat quietly in love and respect (and with tear swelled eyes), it showed how strong a connection can shared with a group of like-minded people (upper left pic above).

My words to you…. become part of a group that matters to you, one that is more than a surface level connection – one that will not only honor who you are but will also push you to become better. A group who’s excitment quiets your fears and feeds your strengths – one that has you energized from the time you wake to the time you fall asleep.


Being open to be inspired, motivated and moved so you have life changing moments is what will make your life most exciting. Ask yourself if you have what it takes – or as Ernest Hemingway calls it, discover your ‘moment of truth’. Over your life you come across great information, great ideas and people who can be your moment of truth. Be ready to recognize and take action for the special moments that come into your life so you don’t miss out.

I have wondered myself if I have missed my moment of truth, only to realize that there are many and they keep coming in many different ways. Partnering with such an outstanding heart-centered yet science based company and whose vision I can align with is one of those moments of truth. If you have found the same, you know what I am talking about.

Moments of truth are different for everyone and they are very personal. Many times they move you from ordinary to extraordinary or they can help you find who you really are and help you create something big.

Live in the moment, choose the right attitude, and find your moment of truth – your life will be BIG. (Tweet This)


There’s always so much to do, see and learn isn’t there. If you’re always growing, you’re always becoming better a version of yourself and that’s simple good. When you do something great or achieve a goal, do you just stop and say “well, that’s it, I’ve made it so I can stop now.”?  You can keep striving and make the next goal- look for the next opportunity for personal growth – the next moment of truth – you can live your life in crescendo

I’m committing today to live my life in crescendo, join me! 

Taking action and live life in crescendo… live the moments of truth, Kevin Guest, co-CEO of USANA, said last week during opening ceremonies. Crescendo is when the music gradually gets louder and louder – where the best is yet to come…the best is yet to come…the best is yet to come. Can you feel that building up?

This is your life, imagine living it in crescendo and amazing things can really happen if you take action. Be open, be receptive, listen, and share. Focus on what really matters. You have the power to seize it – it’s never too late and you’re never too young; most defintely you’re never too old.

Live life in crescendo and be an example of someone who is making a difference in world by being your greatest self. (Tweet this)


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Have a magnificant week!


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