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Who wants to be sick this winter? Your 5-Step Winter Plan



It’s that time, deep in the holiday season and I wanted to remind 1be1c9dc-7bf5-455f-b4c5-85ea328b2fa5you to put yourself first, so you can fully enjoy the season and start the new year strong and immune.

Who wants to be sick and not feel your best when starting the new year with all the new promises and opportunities?

I’ve put together some of my favorite products for a healthier and happier holiday season and a strong start to the new year. This health kit will boost your energy, give you mental clarity, and keep you feeling great to enjoy what the season has to offer PLUS kick off the year in the best possible way!

Be sure to login to your USANA Account to order all or some of these must-have’s for your health. Go here to order if you don’t have an account yet. (Forgot your account info, just email me and I’ll help you find it).

5 Step Winter Health Plan

Step 1: Be Intentional & Mindful With Eating

Add these goodies to your daily routine through the holidays and into the new year to keep your blood sugar stable, ward off cravings and fatigue, and increase mental clarity.


NutrimealFreeSharable-USNutrimeal Free

Weight gain is one of the biggest concerns in the new year. Many are starting out 10+ pounds overweight, tired, and feeling downright defeated. The simplest change you can make this upcoming new year? Just replace 1 meal with a Nutrimeal Free or any Nutrimeal flavor power filled smoothie and you’ll keep cravings at bay & blood sugar stable leading the way to weight loss isn’t that what you want. (I do this for breakfast!)


Berry Nutty

A whole foods bar you can trust that’s packed with healthy ingredients nutrients to avoid those energy ruts — throw one in your purse or car for a quick pick me up snack you’ll love, that’ll also keeps you on your healthy track. These are also an amazing way to curb your appetite and cravings right before a big meal or party — just have 1 before you head out and you’ll be much less likely to overeat. (I always have a snack before going to a party, dinner or celebration, and stick with my 1-3 French rule).


Reset Kit5 Day RESET

If you’re looking to lose weight and reduce inflammation to start the year out (or do before New Years Eve), the 5 Day RESET is a super quick and effective way to do just that. Big party to go to in that little black dress? The 5 Day RESET will clear up your skin, help get rid of the bloat and help you look even more vibrant than you already are. (I can be sure you get a kit asap, just let me know.)

Plus if you purchase a kit, you’ll get access to my special members area with recipes, videos, tips and more with access 24/7/365.  (I have 2 kits at $99 each, email me if you one before the’re gone)


Step 2: Boost Your Immunity & Fill In Nutritional Gaps

These are my favorite optimizers (the first I take daily and the second I keep on hand always – just in case)!

Proflavanol C100

There’s isn’t much this nutritional supplement isn’t good for – it’s a powerful antioxidant, and is known for it’s ability to help strengthen your immune system, but it will also clear up your skin (bonus)! Another little secret about this incredible optimizer is that if you do happen to overindulge in some wine, take 2-3 with water before bed to reduce inflammation and hangover symptoms.

Booster C

This is an incredible immune booster & natural flu-fighter. You can take this straight as a powder (nice semisweet taste) or mix it with water (hot or cold).






Vitamin D

Also make sure you take a vitamin D supplement, which is the one of the most effective ways to keep your D levels in the ideal range. We all know, vitamin D deficiency is rampant most of the time, and the dark winter months are the worst.  Plus, many of us start feeling down when it’s always so dark. I certainly do. I always take Vitamin D – some research has shown that the sunshine vitamin may help support a balanced mood (I know it does) – and that’s always a good thing.


Step 3: Keep Your Gut Healthy

The true picture of health is in your gut. You need to have strong gut bacteria in order for your immune system to work properly. Digestive systems help us fight infection, bacteria, and detoxify our bodies regularly.

There is a lot of buzz around probiotics in the news and most of it is correct. They are super important for digestion, detoxing, and immunity. And the gut is mainly responsible for our health. What’s most confusing is what kind your should get and or where to buy them. USANA’s probiotics (along with all of their supplements and products) are the ones you can trust. All USANA supplements are deeply based on science and studies and are carefully manufactured using the purest ingredients, so you know what’s on the label is in the bottle/product with none of the bad (and they are certified as such). What’s convenient about these is that they don’t need to be stored in your refrigerator so you can pack them up along with the rest and take with you where ever your travels are sending you.


Step 4: Stick To Your Supplement Routine

(Or start one asap.) Hectic and stressful times is when our bodies need consistency in our diets and exercise most. It’s so easy to start skipping our normal routine and what’s most important (like taking your daily USANA HealthPak or Essentials + Biomega).  Be sure to keep taking those – morning and night – so that you don’t get sick, keep yourself with the highest level of energy and give your body the best nutrition you can.

Login to your USANA account today to be sure you have everything your New Year Health Plan or you can get it ordered. If you don’t already have your own USANA account, you can purchase any and all of these products on my website 🙂  I’ve put them all together for you to make it easy — Go here to check out all of these nutritional favorites.


Step 5: Put your New Year Plan Together for the Best You

Keep the healthy momentum going. We have a New Year Weight Loss Challenge coming up to start in early January. Grab your favorite products now then join us in January to start 2016 with a bang.

Get Revitalized, Lose the Weight and be Powered By Nutrition!

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I hope you have a happy, healthy holiday season that’s filled with joy and love.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Energized

Look & Feel Your Best!


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