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Your Face’s Hero Duo


Fine Lines and Wrinkles Be Gone + Free Gift w/ Purchase

I call this pack the Hero Duo.

Available only through Friday April 27 ($45 Free Gift). Get it here.

Celavive Eye Essence

Youthful-Looking Skin Can Be Yours

Your eyes tell a story. So, project your brightness and youthful vibrancy to the world with Celavive Hydrating Eye Essence. This unique formula contains bioactive peptides, botanical extracts, and plant oils to illuminate three elements of visibly younger-looking skin—brightened, smoothed, and moisturized.

Key ingredients work together to reverse the visible effects of aging. Utilizing Celavive Hydrating Eye Essence on a regular basis can visibly reduce the signs of dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Celavive Vitalizing Serum

Visible Fine Lines and Wrinkles Virtually Disappear

You may not be able to turn back the clock, but Celavive Vitalizing Serum may help you take years off of your appearance.

Get powerful support for your skin cells’ natural ability to reduce the visible effects of chronological and lifestyle aging with the Celavive Cell Signaling Complex. The botanical extracts and peptides work together to promote firm, vibrant-looking skin. The complex works by using InCelligence Technology® to revitalize natural cellular processes that help renew a healthy skin barrier and skin matrix for a youthful complexion.


The Proof Shows in the Face


Get The Free Gift With Purchase

Get these two high impact face products (Eye Essence + Vitazing Serum) with the ‘powerful-facelift-in-a-bottle’ product FREE ($45 Retail) before April 27th.

Get them here.

The Hero Duo Pack comes with the Vitalizing Serum and Hydrating Eye Essence. Formulated with the exclusive Cell-Signaling Complex, these top beauty-preserving products enhance the skin to reveal radiant results.

And when you purchase the Hero Duo Pack, you’ll also receive a free bottle of Proflavanol® C100, which supports youthful-looking skin.*

Order your gift today.

Your Free Gift w/ Purchase – The PowerHouse

This tiny pill is also known as FACELIFT IN A BOTTLE, the HOLISTIC HANGOVER CURE, and NATURAL COLD EFFECTS, aka. the Super Hero of supplements.

Proflavanol C100 is produced using USANA’s cutting-edge Nutritional Hybrid Technology, which combines 100 mg of grape seed extract and 300 mg of vitamin C into one pill. This powerful combination is designed to help protect health in a number of ways:

  • Maintain healthy, younger-looking skin* One type of connective tissue supported by vitamin C is collagen, which is integral to skin’s elasticity and firmness. Collagen tends to start breaking down as we age, and vitamin C helps regulate synthesis for this protein.
  • Maintain good health by neutralizing free radicals, which, over time, can cause excessive oxidative stress*
  • Support circulatory and cardiovascular health*
  • Help retain healthy, normal cholesterol levels*
  • Support balanced immune function*





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