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Tips For a Radiant Holiday


Tip #1 Make Self-Care a Priority 

Life is busy, especially during the holidays. Consistency is key, so make time in the morning and evening to take care of yourself and your skin. 

Tip #2 Glow From Within 

Staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet is key to healthy-looking skin. Increase your consumption of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Incorporate USANA supplements, such as Proflavanol C100, for added skin-boosting support.* 

Tip #3 Get Sun Savvy 

Sunshine is beneficial for physical and mental well-being, but too much exposure to UV rays can cause the look of premature aging. Incorporate skincare products with certified sun protection, and reapply early and often if you’ll be spending the afternoon outdoors. 

Tip #4 Catch Some ZZZ’s 

It’s called beauty rest for a reason. Lack of quality sleep can leave you feeling sluggish and your skin looking lackluster. Wind down early and aim for eight hours of restful sleep. 

Tip #5 Redefine your Radiance 

Exfoliate regularly with Celavive’s Exfoliating Scrub + Mask, which helps to reduce the visible effects of pollutants, balance excess oils, and detoxify pores to make them appear smaller.

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