The Slim Down, Cravings Busting, Love Your Fall Body, 5-Day Program

Are you powerless in the face of a brownie, cupcake, or [insert sweet treat here]?

Are you fed up (literally) with your cravings for chips, French fries, or [insert your favorite indulgence here]?

You’re not alone.

If you’re tired of the ups and downs of weight management and want a clean break from unhealthy eating, there’s a place and plan just for you.

Now’s the time to reset cravings and begin your journey to a happier, healthier life with the 5-Day RESET program, a short amount of time with some pretty sweet long-term benefits.



Break the Cravings Cycle

Cravings are caused by fluctuations in your biochemistry that may turn into an overwhelming need to eat certain foods. And the more of those craving-inducing foods you eat or beverages you drink, the more your body wants them. In no time at all, those bad habits can set in.

It’s a vicious cycle, but it’s one you can break free from!

Feel Satisfied and Steady Energy All Day

Is “hangry” a term you often use in describing your emotions? If you’re like so many who consume a steady diet of simple carbohydrates and too little protein and fiber, then you probably start getting pretty “hangry” around lunchtime followed by an energy crash mid-afternoon. This is because your food digested too quickly and sent your blood glucose levels on a rollercoaster, causing inconsistent and unsustained energy. UGH!

Reset Your Digestive Health

Your digestive system is at the core of good health. It allows your body to metabolize and absorb the nutrients you eat. But aging and years of eating a less-than-ideal diet may have been feeding the wrong kind of bacteria in your belly. These bacteria could be impacting not only your cravings but also your mood, which may make you eat less-than-healthy foods. This program contains 5 daily doses of tested + approved probiotic to promote a healthy balance of bacteria for improved digestion & overall health. GUT LOVE!


$109.95 (includes tax) 

In only five days, you’ll be able to jumpstart weight loss, reset your eating habits, curb your cravings, and experience how great it feels when you eat healthy, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks.

During this program, you will replace your usual meals with a delicious smoothie (or smoothie bowl) and eat nutritious, whole-food snacks (macro-nutrition).

You’ll also take the Healthpak (micro-nutrition) and USANA Probiotic (microbiome-nutrition) supplements.

Each kit comes with the following favorites:

  • 8 Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal™ single-serve smoothie packets
  • 7 French Vanilla Nutrimeal™ single-serve smoothie packets
  • 5 USANA® Probiotic stick packs
  • 5 AM/PM HealthPak™ packets (multivitamin, calcium/magnesium, and antioxidant booster)
  • 1 mini-program guide and tracker card
  • 1 beautiful, downloadable program guide full of smoothie recipes, snack ideas, salad options, and more.


As a bonus, you will gain access to the private, fun, coaching community. Here we share recipes, fitness, and cheer each other on!

** Prices in USD
*** Plant-based kit only available in US & Canada


  • Kiss your carb and sugar cravings goodbye
  • Increase your energy during the day
  • Have more restful sleep during the night
  • Learn to control cravings, hunger and mood swings by balancing blood sugar
  • Achieve a more healthy, glowing complexion from detoxing and proper nutrition
  • Understand healthy eating, proper nutrition, and what supplements to take (or not take)
  • Save money on your grocery bill with our healthy, delicious smoothies and easy snacks
  • Be more productive in your home life, work and business by feeling great and maintaining focus (this is a big deal)
  • Build confidence with your new healthy, rocking self

Success Testimonials

“I started my program with the 5-Day RESET and that eliminated my addiction to sugar and embarked me on my weight loss journey. These products are the among the best natural vitamins, minerals, and protein available today and the low-glycemic weight management programs is by far the most successful strategy for losing weight AND maintaining that new look permanently. – Mark, Toronto

The shakes and bars along with the supplements are the best things. I don’t have my cravings anymore because I am not spiking my blood sugar. My energy is back and I am on target with my weight loss losing 5 lbs in 5 days.  — Cheryl, USA

Total weight loss for me on my 5-Day Challenge was 6.5 pounds. WooHoo Looking forward to the next phase. WOW!!! I am so excited. — Louise, Michigan



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** Prices in USD
*** Plant-based kit only available in US & Canada

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