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Taking a big step into health and longevity



After so many years of my life of eating high animal protein, not enough veggies, and low carbohydrate, I  am taking a big step into health and longevity.

I’m doing a RAW FOOD challenge for 30 days so I can take my nutritional plan to the next level (and with a very supportive community).

Foods and their nutritional content can be destroyed in three ways: 1. heating (pasteurization, cooking and microwaving for example)  2. processing (leaves food with a fraction of nutrients) 3. irradiation or exposure to radioactive materials (kill bacteria, mold, prevent sprouting to extend shelf life). These methods and the substances they can produce can impair alter DNA, lower longevity, accelerate aging, increase inflammation, increase our cancer risk and so much more!!!

I am always learning more about what to do for my own longevity and wellness and have thought before about doing something like this but never have.  Lately, I have been inspired into action by others I know who are doing this too.  I’ve been playing around at what I can do for me and for you. I’m ready to take my health to a whole other level. I want to really add value to you, my community and the world.

I’m doing the #30DayRAWChallenge and I’m inviting you to join me.  CLICK HERE to join me (use my discount link) in this ONLINE platform and get it for $75 USD, not the regular $99 USD- but only if you if you use my link.

Eating fresh, raw food helps our bodies thrive by nourishing with everything it needs. It helps boosts longevity, calm down the cravings (a good thing) and helps to energize us all day. Eating a plant based, living foods diet is the best choice for true wellness, says the Hippocrates Center for Health. It one of the most transforming and healing ways to eat. People with cancer, autoimmune conditions and arthritis have experienced some of the most amazing results by eating a simple, clean, raw diet.


This is not a push of my dietary ideals, I’m just sharing what I am doing and why I believe it may be good for you too. I’m doing the 30 Day RAW challenge to take my nutritional eating to the next level and with all the support I would want and need, from the community of others like me.

I’ll be trying and saving lots of new clean, raw recipes with a focus on not getting in a rut with eating the same foods all the time (who wants that). I will be exploring more recipes with whole foods but no cooking (to keep all the nutrients as intact as possible) like Fresh “Pad Thai”, Raw Lasagna, Meat-free Tacos, all without the meat or noodles!  Most are really simple with Just some cutting, blending, mixing and in under 10 minutes. My husband will be joining me for a portion of the challenge so he too can benefit from the healthy, fresh, whole foods. I’m hoping my step into the RAW side will help me as well as others, that is my mission after all – advocating a healthy lifestyle that works so we can all live a life we love, every day.

On September 04 (Labor Day/Monday), it kicks off with an international #30DaysRAW campaign. We have an amazing support community as well as an online program with step by step guide to recipes, shopping lists, kitchen essentials and everything you need, so why not join us now.

CLICK HERE to join me (and the entire community doing this together). Remember to use my DISCOUNT LINK

 for to get this platform for $75 USD.

Yes, there are desserts too!
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