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Super Food Lunch Smoothie


Super lunch smoothie2

All this is about to become lunch smoothie! Delicious and nutritious and need I say filling too!
This is smoothie has a power punch:  approx. 22 grams of protein (added gluten/soy free Nutrimeal protein), 15+ grams of fiber (I add a scoop of my favorite fiber power in addition to the natural fiber – Fibergy – see My Fav’s), and the magnesium/phosphorous rich Hemp, omega-3 strong Flax, and the natural goodness in the spinach and fruits.

Superfood Lunch Smoothie

1 soft fresh banana3 large frozen strawberries (can add more if you want thicker consistency)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
2 large handfulls of organic spinach
3 Tbsp hemp
2 Tbsp flax
1 scoop Fibery
3 scoops (or 1 packette) Nutrimeal 1 packet USANA Probiotic (stirred in after blending)
12 oz PH 10 water or you can use coconut water or nut milkJust throw it all in your Vitamix and blend. This will fill you up and give you amazing after lunch energy (and don’t we all want that on a Saturday or any afternoon).



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