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How Mondays Can Help You Stay Fit

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How Monday’s Can Help You Stay Fit

How Mondays Can Help You Stay Fit

Are you having trouble sticking to your health goals? You’re not the only one.

Often times, our motivation level can vary greatly from day to day which makes achieving health goals difficult. Some days are easy to get through, while others require serious will-power. Even the simplest of tasks can seem overwhelming at times.

The weekends can be an especially tough time to stay the course. You might even do well for most of the week, but then Saturday and Sunday throws you off track.

And weekends sure are great for relaxing on the couch and eating delicious foods without a care in the world. And at times, those days are definitely needed – especially when life gets a bit too stressful. It’s just getting back to being healthy that can get tricky.

Then there are social gatherings. A night out on the town with friends or celebrating grandma’s birthday can quickly derail any fitness plan. It’s tough! Who would want to voluntarily turn down grandma’s delicious brownie cake?

And you actually don’t have to. You don’t need to be perfect all the time! But how do we ensure that we’re relatively consistent and get back on track, every week?

Inspiring videos and powerful quotes are great for short term motivation, but Mondays are the real answer to long term success.

How Mondays Can Help

Mondays have a special meaning in our culture. Most people see Monday as an opportunity to hit the reset button and get back on track.

Research has proved that people who get back on track with their weight loss regimens at the beginning of the week are better able to maintain progress over time. People have reported that starting the week with exercise helps keep them on track throughout the week.

Start fresh, every Monday

Regardless of how the previous week went, simply forgive yourself and get back on track. Start the week with a positive attitude and a clean slate. If you’re having a hard time getting going, try starting your day the best possible way with a morning walk.

Use Monday to check-in with your progress

The beginning of the week is a great time to evaluate how you did the previous week. Write down what went well to credit yourself for the things you accomplished. Do the same for the things you didn’t get done but ask yourself what can I do differently next week to improve?

Check in with your workout buddy

Monday is great for accountability. Ask your partner to check-in with your progress and reach out to hear how they’re doing. Don’t have a fitness companion? Ask a friend or family member to do the same!

Use Mondays to reward yourself

Set weekly goals, like walking 10,000 steps, and then reward yourself for all your hard work on Mondays. This method can keep your motivation level high, and even inadvertently help you get more fit. Check out StepApp.

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