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Dr. Oz and 3 Steps to Reduce Joint Pain + Do Your Joints a Favor


If you Watched the Dr. Oz Show on January 22, 2015, and his segment on JOINT HEALTH, FOODS AND JOINT SUPPLEMENTS, he mentioned the one I take, Procosa, in his ‘3 Easy Steps to Reduce Joint Pain‘. See the show replay and more below.  (And let me tell you it’s a product that really works! LEARN MORE ABOUT THE INCELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY IN PROCOSA HERE.)

Nice blond girl feeling pain in her knee.

Exercise is great for your body, but unfortunately, it can put some strain on your joints. So if you are tired of painful knee’s or want to give your knee’s a health boost, here’s the answer… 

Our moving joints, like knee’s, account for 90 percent of all joints in the body, and they’re made up of bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is important because it helps to increase cartilage density and elasticity and protects your body from infection and inflammation.

Joints actually serve a huge purpose. Take action now and start taking care of them (or those knee problems everyone complains about will be your problem too).

3 Steps to Reducing Joint Pain* and Maintaining Joint Health

#1 Take a Joint Health Supplement

Why is this numero uno, #1, the first on my list?

Well … we know our diets aren’t filled with enough of the joint loving foods everyday. We know our knee’s carry the weight of our bodies and without them working at max capacity, we can’t do what we enjoy and be our best selves. And let’s face it, we like simple and easy solutions that have maximum results don’t we?

On the Dr. Oz Show January 22, 2015, he shared his 3 steps to reducing joint pain (which also is about maintaining joint health, see the connection?) Dr. Oz gave away over 1000 bottles of Procosa, the exact one I take (I was happy to see), and he spoke on why.

Here’s what Dr. Oz said:

Two key ingredients that promote joint repair are glucosamine and curcumin.

Glucosamine is produced naturally in the body, and is a building block of healthy cartilage, which is the tough connective tissue that cushions joints. Some studies have shown that taking glucosamine can help those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory found in tumeric, which gives the spice its yellow color. In one study, 2 grams of curcumin extract provided pain relief equivalent to ibuprofen for osteoarthritis of the knee.

Both of these ingredients can be found in the supplement Procosa from our Trusted Partner USANA Health Sciences. It contains a proprietary blend of vegetarian glucosamine and a highly absorbable form of curcumin.

It’s used for over 700 professional and olympic athletes all around the world. And folks, if it good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.


2015-01-26_0945Click here for information on PROCOSA, a groundbreaking joint health supplement with glucosamine and Meriva® curcumin: http://bit.ly/2nTCtRf. *New Customers can save up to 20%.


#2 Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods

There are many foods that can help to keep your joints lubricated and pain-free. Here are a few:

  • Eat more Omega-3’s: Omega-3’s slow the body’s inflammatory response and reducing existing inflammation in joints. You can easily incorporate omegas in your daily meals. Here are some easy and delicious ways:
    • Do a chia shot: 1 TBLS Chia seeds with 3 0z almond milk (or add to your breakfast smoothie)
    • Add wild-caught Atlantic salmon and walnuts to top your salad or have for dinner
    • Incorporate ground flax, chia and pumpkin seeds on your salad or in your yogurt snacks
    • Enjoy a nice turmeric and ginger tea or latte.
    • Take a high-quality omega-3 supplement (I take BiOmega)

A big DIETARY DO is to avoid added sugar – it’s a big no-no for inflammation. Sugar triggers the release of cytokines, an inflammatory messenger.

#3 Exercise*

Besides including specific nutrients in your diet and taking Procosa, certain exercises can also help keep your joints healthy. Even something simple, like stretching, is important. You should try and do some type of stretching daily, or at least three times a week. Be careful though, because stretching a cold muscle won’t help and can even cause more damage to your muscles and joints. It’s a good idea to do a light warm-up before stretching to loosen up your joints.

The best types of exercises for joints are low-impact activities like walking, bicycling, and swimming. If you’re not careful, certain high-impact exercises can jar or pound your joints too aggressively, causing cartilage damage. The same goes for weight lifting. While it’s important to strengthen the muscles around your joints to reduce stress on them, you shouldn’t overdo it. Stick to lighter weights and do more reps, gradually working up to more challenging weights over time.

If you do nothing else to help your joints, do just one thing: move more. Even if you’re not exercising, moving your joints as much as possible throughout the day is key. The more you move, the less stiffness you’ll have. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, take time to get up every now and then to take short walks or climb a few levels of stairs. Our bodies were meant to move and work on a daily basis, so the longer you remain in a fixed position, the more likely you are to suffer from sore muscles or joints.

If you don’t think knee & joint health is important, ask someone who has knee problems how it works for them in their daily life.

Get the Procosa, add chia seeds, turmeric and clean fish to your diet and exercise to strengthen. It really is simple.


2015-01-26_0945Click here for information on PROCOSA, a groundbreaking joint health supplement with glucosamine and Meriva® curcumin: http://bit.ly/Joint-Health-Procosa  *New Customers can Save up to 20%.


Dr. Oz Replay

Click here to see what Dr. Oz show you a great chair squat to strengthen your knee’s and why he says to take the USANA Procosa product too.  http://bit.ly/Procosa-Oz-Show.


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*Portions of this post is adapted from What’s up Usana Blog.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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