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5 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


Energize your body with these 5 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Cut out the white, processed carbs.

This includes white bread, most wheat bread (most of it contains white flour), crackers, white rice, white tortillas, etc. Choose 100% whole grains or 100% sprouted grain breads and tortillas, brown rice, quinoa. And by the way, 100% whole wheat is not 100% whole grain. White carbs metabolize in your body the exact same way as sugar, so white bread = chocolate cake when it comes to how your body stores fat. Yikes!

2. Increase your water.

Increase your water intake to 60-64 ounces minimum throughout the day – this will get your energy going and will help get toxins moving out. A good idea to put a big pitcher or other container of water with sliced organic lemon in your refrigerator – every time you go into your refrigerator the pitcher will remind you to drink a glass (and it will look inviting too!). Here are 9 Reasons to drink water for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Minimize your intake of sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

You hear this everywhere and there is a reason for that. Sugar is addicting just like alcohol and caffeine. Stop the soda’s even the diet soda’s.

Watch the cute polar bear video ….

If you do consume alcohol, choose red wine and skip the beer, hard liquor and other types of wine. Choose stevia over sugar as a sweetener. Drink as much unsweetened tea as you wish or sip on a warm decaf green or ginger tea if you feel the need for coffee.



There’s still time to join this free webinar to show you how to kick sugar & carb cravings (and it works for caffiene and alcohol too)



4. Get your fitness on.

Continue your current exercise program if you have one, and if you’re just starting a healthy lifestyle focus or restarting a focus on fitness, commit to 4-5 days a week of 20-30 min exercise – even if it’s just walking. I recommend you try something you love, it will be more fun for you and therefore you are more likely to keep it up – i.e. yoga, dancing, Zumba, weights, etc. If you’re just starting on an exercise program, start slowly and build so you do overwork yourself and get too sore – this could lead you to quitting it before really getting started.

Here is a great playlist of simple workouts you can do at home.

5. Take your vitamins.

A healthy diet rich in whole foods is #1. However you just can’t get everything you need from food for optimal (aka the healthiest you) levels of nutrients. Our busy lifestyles, stress, and exercise also increases the amount of antioxidants your body needs. The RDAs just aren’t enough for a healthy lifestyle. Think of the supplements as insurance against nutritional deficiencies – many of these deficiencies can slow down metabolic function and block weight loss. Make sure you eat well and supplement twice daily.

Here’s the brand I take. I suggest to start with the #1 rated super-potent Essentials multivitamin and BiOmega high-grade ultra-pure fish oil. New customers, save up to 20%.

If you want to know exactly which ones I take and why, read this.


Be happy, healthy & Energized!


P.S. Do these make sense to you? Are you struggling with any of them? It’s completely normal and I can help! Email me at Cindy@CindyNunnery.com  to schedule a free 15-20 min chat so I can help you. 


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